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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, asked by our clients, and the corresponding answers. In our commitment to providing the highest quality of service to all our customers, we also urge our clients to observe some rules in the use of our buses, and here you'll find pertinent information about all of that. This will ensure that our buses remain in their current conditions - modern and classy - before and after the service. We put this information here for you so you're aware of what our clients are usually curious about, in hope to help you before you have to give us a call. Feel free to get in touch if you don't find your question listed below. This way, you can get the help you need, and we can feel better knowing your questions are answered.

Q: How many persons are allowed in your buses?

A: Philly Party Bus has buses that cater to specific number of persons. We have buses that can comfortably seat up to 35 persons and also have buses for small groups. We don't recommend allowing more than the maximum number of persons allowed in the bus so that comfort and fun will be maintained. Be sure to pay attention to the size of your group, and plan accordingly so you'll have ample space to enjoy your Philadelphia adventure.

Q: What are my liabilities as a customer?

A: Any cost of damages that may be incurred during the transport process or during your party will have to be shouldered by you as long as the damages are done by you on purpose or by your guests. We like our vehicles to be brought back to us in the same shape that they arrived in, and we hope you'll understand. The most common damage charges are smoking, seat damage, and vomit clean up.

Q: Can I smoke inside the bus?

A: Philly Party Bus takes good care of our buses and thus we do not allow smoking inside our buses. This way, we're able to have to bring you a clean and fresh transportation experience without any worries about the quality of our vehicle. We're also glad to make a comfort stop for you!

Q: Do you offer free food and drinks inside your bus?

A: No. Philly Party Bus does not provide free food and drinks. However, we provide food storage and coolers for customers who will bring in food and refreshment. We also provide free drinking cups and complimentary water and a bucket of ice. Feel free to enjoy all of your favorite foods and drink inside the vehicle, and party to your hearts content!

Q: I'm a first timer in Philadelphia and I don't know where to go. Do you have a program for first time visitors?

A: Yes, we have tailored tour packages for first time visitors to ensure that you will have best travel experience in Philly. Our chauffeurs are extremely experienced, and they know all of the best places in Philly, as well as exactly how to get there. You're sure to have a great first time experience in Philly when you use our transportation!

Q: Are you guys legit?

A: Yes, we are licensed by the state of Pennsylvania and have the necessary insurance that is required to be a bus carrier. We also screen and drug test all of our chauffeurs to ensure that you get the best, reliable, and safe service. Not to mention, our vehicles are routinely inspected and maintained by our mechanics. You can trust Party Bus Philly!

Q: I'm not in Philly but I see you guys are a professional service and want to find someone like you?

A: We have several companies in other areas that we do business with. We recommend contacting Grand Rapids Party Bus, Memphis Limo, or

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