Diego’s Cantina And Tequila Bar

214 W State St - Media, PA 19063 - Phone number (484) 442-8741
Diego's Cantina and Tequila Bar is a Mexican restaurant meets cocktail bar in Media. Whether you're looking for a place to frequent with friends to get some drinks, or you happen to enjoy some Mexican entrees for your dinner, you're going to absolutely love this establishment. Diego's offers a contemporary interior that's comforting with plush booths and chandeliers, making you feel as though you're in an upscale restaurant. If you happen to enjoy Tequila, you aren't going to be disappointed with the endless options for drinks here. It doesn't matter if you drink your Tequila straight, or you enjoy cocktails, you'll love this place.

La Porta

1192 N Middletown Rd - Media, PA 19063
La Porta is an Italian restaurant and bar, with authentic Italian dishes that will make you feel as though you're in the Mediterranean! The bar is always a wonderful place to be, especially when it's packed with local patrons who are friendly as ever. The Tuscan fries are a popular appetizer here, they come topped with feta, tzatziki sauce, and herbs, making for a delicious way to experience Italy. The wine selection here is out of this world, with many selections coming straight from Italy. The pizza here is out of this world, and if you enjoy some thin crust selections, you're going to love La Porta.


1192 N Middletown Rd - Media, PA 19063 - Phone number (610) 358-5104
Quotations is a traditional American bar with upscale dinner options. It's tough to find a open seat here on the weekends, so be sure to call ahead if you want to come here to celebrate with a group of friends. The beer selections here are going to have you impressed, without a doubt. They have everything from hard cider to IPAs! The bacon wrapped scallops are reason enough to come out to Quotations, but the attentive service from the waitstaff will have you coming back. The live music is a welcome addition for entertainment, especially with their spacious dance floor. Come check out Quotations for a great time.


113 W State St - Media, PA 19063 - Phone number (610) 566-5707
Sligo is an attractive, quaint, and affordable place to get your fill of comfort food and your favorite beer. With food options that include Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips, as well as Irish Nachos, you're going to love the British atmosphere of this restaurant. They always have new selections of craft beer on tap for you to enjoy, so it will never be the same establishment when you come in here. All too often, you'll find that waitresses have more interest in their phones than providing quality service, but it's the opposite here! You'll be treated like family whenever you come to Sligo for brews and eats.

Plumstead Inn

26 W State St - Media, PA 19063 - Phone number (610) 566-2212
Plumstead Inn offers something for everybody to enjoy! With $2 cold beers throughout the entire week, as well as a modern jukebox that allows you to choose seemingly any song every made, Plumstead Inn will entertain you for the night. The drinks are cheap as can be here, and you'll be hard pressed finding a better deal than whats being served up here! There are stools, as well as booths, so you can bring friends here, or just stop after work for a cold beer. The outdoor patio is out of this world, with a dance floor that commands your attention. Order a few drinks and get ready to have a great time at Plumstead Inn.


3460 Collins Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

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