Chestnut Hill

Underdog Sports Bar & Grill

3100 Paxton St - Harrisburg, PA 17111 - Phone number (717) 564-5150
If a sports bar sounds like a dream come true for your upcoming Philly Party Bus trip in the Chestnut Hill area, check out Underdog Sports Bar & Grill. This is one of the most comfortable places for you to dine and drink around here. Some might call it a dive bar, and if you are a lover of a good dive, then so be it! Because it is a good one. The rothelsburger is our favorite thing on the menu topped with so many yummy sausages and onions! Dee-lish! The wings are fantastic with plenty of celery and dipping sauce on the side. Weekday happy hour specials on both food and drinks will save you a bundle! Great juke box too! Best nights, Mon-Wed-Fri!

The Wharf Bar & Grill

6852 Derry St - Harrisburg, PA 17111 - Phone number (717) 564-9920
If you're out here in Chestnut Hill, PA and wishing you were in San Francisco, maybe the ideal location for your Philly Party Bus celebration is The Wharf Bar & Grill! Seafood lovers adore this place and it really serves up a few different kinds of ambiance all in one place, which is great for your groups. There's the restaurant area, the outdoor deck, and the sports bar. What a great combo. This is a real summer haven for the locals and it will be for you too. Lots of big screen TVs for the sports watchers and lots of seafood options for the foodies. The crab corn chowder is the must-have, and we are also really big fans of the wings! Delish, highly recommended!

Lancaster Brewing Company

469 Eisenhower Blvd - Harrisburg, PA 17111 - Phone number (717) 564-4448
If a brewery is what you're after when you're out here in the Chestnut Hill area with Philly Party Bus, check out Lancaster Brewing Company. We're particularly big fans of the bar side, though both the bar and restaurant sides are nice choices depending on your mood. They have some of the best macaroni and cheese around, and we love their lamb burger too! The sweet potato fries are too delectable if you ask us. They have a whole lot of brews that you will really enjoy here, with the hop hog being one of the top choices according to our Philly Party Bus customers! Not open too late here though, just til 10 most nights, 9 on Sundays, and 11 on Fri-Sat.


987 Eisenhower Blvd - Harrisburg, PA 17111 - Phone number (717) 939-5397
Gilligan's is a great spot, both bar and restaurant under one roof, with the bar side always being loud and lively and packed with happy customers having a good time. It's a smart party spot for Philly Party Bus customers in the Chestnut Hill area and we just love the old fashioned vibe here. They keep it clean and tidy and everything looks great. The wings and cheese fries are one of our favorite things to indulge in here and we're also huge fans of the Chicken Chesapeake! Mmm! So good. They have some of the most affordable prices in town and that makes so much sense for party bus groups. Great spot to watch the game with friends too.

Coakley's Restaurant & Pub

305 Bridge St - New Cumberland, PA 17070 - Phone number (717) 774-5556
Oh, the delectable things that you can find at Coakley's Restaurant & Pub! You just won't believe it. The grazed Guinness beef pie is #1 on our list, we just cannot get enough of it. The reuben is a close second, and the beer selection comes in third, though it's good enough to steal that top spot, depending on whether drinking or dining is your main priority! They've got a total of 31 different beers on tap. It's like the Baskin Robbins of beer! We love all the TVs behind the bar and the video trivia is plenty of fun too. They've got a ton of room here which is really ideal for party bus groups. Very highly recommended for Philly Party Bus travelers in Chestnut Hill!


3460 Collins Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

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