McMenamin's Tavern

7170 Germantown Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19119 - Phone number (215) 247-9920
A really pleasant pub experience is yours to be had at McMenamin's Tavern, conveniently located for our Philly Party Bus customers in the Carpenter area of PA. In the daytime it's more of a restaurant scene and late at night it transforms into a full-fledged bar with a wilder and more fun type of atmosphere. It's definitely a chameleon of sorts, providing a great neighborhood hangout spot, and you will love it just as much as the locals do. You'll see all ages and all types of people hanging out here, all enjoying the night and dining on delicious food and sipping delicious drinks. They've got more than enough room for your larger groups too. A top choice.

Goat Hollow

300 W Mount Pleasant Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19119 - Phone number (267) 428-5672
Goat Hollow is a wonderful bar and restaurant that features some of the most delicious food that the Carpenter area has to offer. Philly Party Bus partygoers are always asking our pro chauffeurs to take them there. The brisket sandwiches are one of the real standout items here, and we're also huge fans of the poutine and the burgers! It can be loud and lively here on the weekends, which is very conducive to livening things up for your party, making it an even more exciting night than it already was. They are open every single night until 2 in the morning, making this one of our prime late-night destinations for this part of our service area! We love it!

Earth Bread + Brewery

7136 Germantown Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19119 - Phone number (215) 242-6666
Earth Bread + Brewery has got to be one of the most beloved pizzas and beer joints in the Carpenter area, and if the number of requests from our Philly Party Bus customers to take them there is any indication, it is very popular with our travelers as well! This place is large and in charge, spanning two floors, and offering up some of the very best bar and restaurant space in town. The flatbread pizzas are absolutely delectable, and you simply will not find a better tasting crust anywhere in PA! Cooked to perfection with the freshest ingredients, the only thing that can make it better is a nice icy cold beer alongside it. Wish granted! Highly recommended.

Wine Thief

7152 Germantown Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19119 - Phone number (215) 242-6700
Wine Thief is a cool spot in the Carpenter area and it's very highly recommended for your upcoming Philly Party Bus trip. This is a cozy neighborhood joint with delicious bar fare including yummy sandwiches, burgers, and fries. The salmon with huckleberry sauce is one of our absolute favorite things on the menu and we are hooked on their eggplant cheesecake appetizer. Talk about unique! The cornbread pudding is an amazing side that you will not want to skip. The wine selection, hence the name, is superb, and they also have a lot of great liquors and champagnes to choose from on top of that! All around very impressive and such a welcoming place.


7402 Germantown Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19119 - Phone number (267) 385-6857
Avenida is a Latin American restaurant that is known for their delicious breakfasts and brunches, and Philly Party Bus customers absolutely go wild for it when they are in the Carpenter area. Their half-priced drinks at happy hour are a very smart way to save some money when you are traveling with a party bus group. We highly recommend the margaritas and the caipirinhas are also nothing short of amazing. The el biche is a particularly amazing dish for seafood lovers and stew aficionados alike, and we would not hesitate to recommend that to you. The service is superb and the overall experience here is just fantastic. Could not recommend it more.


3460 Collins Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

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