Hop Angel Brauhaus

7980 Oxford Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19111 - Phone number (215) 437-1939
One of the most pleasant places to dine and drink in the Burholme area when you're with Philly Party Bus is Hop Angel Brauhaus. This brew house is an absolute dream, with a distinct German vibe that permeates the whole experience. We love the fact that they have such yummy items here like truffle egg toast at their Sunday brunches, not to mention all their everyday items like the build-your-own-burger or the build-your-own-pork-sandwich, and we're in love with the German hoagie grinder and the prime rib sandwich too! We could go on and on about the excellent service and the amazing food that is to be had here. A real winner!

Makiman Sushi

7324 Oxford Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19111 - Phone number (215) 722-8800
If a sushi bar is your favorite place to spend an evening with your Philly Party Bus friends in the Burholme area, Makiman Sushi is the name that you need to know. It's really beautiful and amazing here, not a hole-in-the-wall sushi restaurant by any standards, and that's contributed to by the beautiful wooden floors and seats. Sitting at the sushi bar is an absolute dream as you can chat with the sushi chef and watch your food being prepared from the freshest ingredients in town. The flavor of everything is so superb, and we'd recommend their specialty rolls just as highly as the more classic ones that you find at every sushi bar. All are great, so recommended!

Pita Pocket Eatery

582 Cottman Ave - Cheltenham, PA 19012 - Phone number (215) 663-2828
Pita Pocket Eatery is really ideal for our Burholme customers who want some delicious Middle Eastern lunch, perhaps some vegetarian items, and maybe even some kosher! They really have so many options here. The falafel is one of our particular favorites and of course everyone goes totally wild for their classic lentil soup. The garlic flavor in it is absolutely irresistible. It's super clean and very comfortable here, and they have some of the nicest service that you will ever encounter. They have free wi-fi and more than enough room for groups, and it's even wheelchair accessible should you require that. Just one of our favorites, all around!

Chuck's Alibi

7301 Oxford Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19111 - Phone number (215) 742-3700
Chuck's Alibi is a lovely and intimate seafood restaurant with a very nice bar. Our Philly Party Bus partygoers love to stop in and enjoy themselves here, really living it up and enjoying all the great flavors in both food and drink form. The vibe is somewhat Cheers-esque, and that's always something that our customers are after when they're seeking a great bar to visit. The menu is large and the choices are plentiful. The drinks can be a little expensive but they're very good and well worth it. They are open until 1:30 am every night of the week. Just a very cool spot to chill and enjoy some good conversation with your very best friends. Recommended!

Burger Bar at Gallo's

8101 Roosevelt Blvd - Philadelphia, PA 19152 - Phone number (215) 333-0484
Burger Bar at Gallo's definitely has our Philly Party Bus customers covered when it comes to yummy burgers and so much more in the Burholme area. These are big, messy burgers that you really have to dig into, so you'll need plenty of napkins and absolutely no pride! And we love it that way! We love the burgers that are piled high with cheese, onion rings, and even fried eggs. The waffle fries with cheese are absolutely delectable. The caramel bourbon shake is something that you will not be able to resist, either alongside your meal or perhaps as dessert! Nice prices here and a full bar too. Outdoor seating as well for when the weather is good!


3460 Collins Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

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