Tony's Place

6300 Frankford Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19135 - Phone number (215) 535-9851
If you are coming out to the Bridesburg area with Philly Party Bus and you want a really cool place to hang out with your friends and have some drinks and hearty food that's really filling, Tony's Place has got you covered. This pizza joint is as cool as it gets. It's half bar, half restaurant, giving you the choice of vibes and giving you a lot of options as to where to sit and where to mingle. We like the fact that they have cozy booths in the bar area and that's definitely the prime spot to sit! You'll really enjoy the way you are treated when you're there, and you'll enjoy the overall experience, especially on game night or for your own personal celebrations!

New Wave Cafe

2620 E Allegheny Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19134 - Phone number (215) 634-3224
New Wave Cafe definitely has an '80s vibe that we appreciate here at Philly Party Bus and we think that our customers enjoy that too. The Bridesburg area can certainly consider this an eclectic gem of a bar. They've got a wild array of food here with lots of great Polish stuff to dig into, and we're particularly big fans of the tripe soup and the potato pancakes! The Polish beers are super large, super cheap, and super strong, meaning that you can get a good buzz going without having to pay an arm and a leg for it! They're open until 2 every single night so this is a smart choice for your late night cravings. Full bar, TVs, and even great DJ music! Love it!

Coach's Bar & Grill

6529 Frankford Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19135 - Phone number (215) 335-9434
Coach's Bar & Grill is a prime spot for our Philly Party Bus customers in the Bridesburg area to come in and watch the game! There are many flat screen televisions throughout the bar so that you can keep one eye on the action and one eye on your conversation! Haha! We love all the sports photos and memorabilia that's all over the walls too. Definitely a more old fashioned sports bar as opposed to the more modern ones, and we find that so comforting and inviting. They've got all-you-can-drink deals here too, which is something that you don't find just anywhere! So perfect for game night. Open until 2 every single night, great for late night!

Green Rock Tavern

2546 E Lehigh Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19125 - Phone number (215) 203-0840
If a neighborhood bar and grill is what you're after, check out Green Rock Tavern right here in the Bridesburg area. We've heard nothing but good things about this place from our Philly Party Bus customers, including the fact that they've always got the game on TV, that they're always serving up delicious bar fare including juicy hamburgers and generously sized nacho plates, and so much more. This is a cash-only establishment but we really don't mind that because it's so good. Just make a quick stop at the ATM on the way there. The jukebox is fantastic and so are the bartenders. We could just go on and on about this place. Highly recommended!

The Crazy Leprechaun Bar & Grill

3589 Richmond St - Philadelphia, PA 19134 - Phone number (215) 423-3194
The Crazy Leprechaun Bar & Grill obviously gets a whole lot of our St Paddy's Day business here in the Bridesburg area, but it's a great place for Philly Party Bus customers to visit any day of the year! They've got some of the very best hamburgers around, so good that they taste homemade, and they have some really enticing items too like crab fries with cheese! Now you don't find that just anywhere, do you? They've got some nice large HDTVs on which to watch the game and there's a pool table toward the back to keep you busy too. As with most of the other places on this list, they're open late, till 2am, and all our Philly Party Bus folks appreciate that!


3460 Collins Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

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