Gojjo Bar & Restaurant

4540 Baltimore Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19143 - Phone number (215) 386-1444
When it comes to really delicious Ethiopian food in an incredible bar setting in the Angora area, Gojjo Bar & Restaurant is the place that you'll want to remember and visit often, especially with Philly Party Bus! It's true that this area is sort of a haven for Ethiopian food, with several establishments offering it, and you will find another one of them on this list as well. Where this one's strength lies is in its cool bar vibe and in the friendly service. We love the TVs here and dancing after 10pm is always a blast too! They're open until 2 in the morning every single night, and it's just a blast to hang out here with all of your Philly Party Bus friends. You will love it!

Queen of Sheba

4511 Baltimore Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19143 - Phone number (215) 382-2099
Queen of Sheba gets a whole lot of business from Philly Party Bus customers in the Angora area, and we really do think that it's one of the very best around here. This is another Ethiopian restaurant and music venue that everyone in your party bus group will enjoy. It's cool to just sit right at the bar and order up some delicious food, and we'd highly recommend the lamb tips. So delicious, just melt-in-your-mouth good! Friday nights are hot if you love DJ music and they play a great blend of funk, soul, and italo. When there's not a DJ, you'll fall in love with their jukebox and all the hot hits that are packed in it! Super low prices here and open late nightly!

City Tap House

3925 Walnut St, Fl 2 - Philadelphia, PA 19104 - Phone number (215) 662-0105
If a gastropub sounds like heaven to you for your Angora trip with Philly Party Bus, give City Tap House a shot. Located very conveniently on Walnut Street, this one features nice cozy booths toward the back, comfortable tables by the window if you want to people-watch a bit, and of course a beautiful outdoor seating area and deck where you can while the night away with your good friends. In the bar area you'll find lots of televisions that are ideal for watching sports. The food is on par with a fine restaurant, with the lamb chops being our fave, and the beer selection is noteworthy to say the very least! Such an incredible spot in Angora!

Local 44

4333 Spruce St - Philadelphia, PA 19104 - Phone number (215) 222-2337
Local 44 is another Philly Party Bus favorite in the Angora area, especially for breakfast and brunch! They have a whole lot of enticing vegetarian and vegan options here, like the vegan seitan reuben sandwich, and they've also got you covered on all your traditional carnivore favorites like hamburgers and steaks! The beer selection is what it's really all about here, and we think that you will be beyond impressed with that. The fries, too, are absolutely irresistible! Don't overlook the spicy seitan nuggets either. Those have got to be our absolute favorite overall. Dipped in sauce, they are just perfect! Open til 2 am every single night, you can't go wrong!

The Sidecar Bar & Grille

2201 Christian St - Philadelphia, PA 19146 - Phone number (215) 732-3429
The Sidecar Bar & Grille is another one that Philly Party Bus absolutely loves for our customers in the Angora area! We just love stopping in to enjoy all of their yummy dishes, including the pretzel-encrusted chicken fingers that make the perfect app! The black bean burger is a favorite of ours when we're craving a hearty sandwich, and we just love the fries and the side salad too. Brunch is really ideal here and it's a nice place to stop in just for drinks as well. There are a whole lot of vegetarian options that you'll go wild for too! We also appreciate the fact that they are open until 2 every night, perfect for our late-night party bus partygoing customers!


3460 Collins Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

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