Allen Lane

McMenamin's Tavern

7170 Germantown Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19119 - Phone number (215) 247-9920
When it comes to great pubs in the Allen Lane area, McMenamin's Tavern gets rave reviews from all of our Philly Party Bus customers and from our staff as well! The pistacho, orange, and goat cheese salad is one of our favorite starters here, so fresh and yummy, and we also love the more indulgent items like fried chicken and french fries! They've got an impressive beer selection as well, and there are so many televisions scattered throughout this bar that you're sure to always have an amazing view of the game no matter where you and your friends are seated. Super friendly staff! One of the best places to watch an Eagles game in this area. Love it!

Jake's & Cooper's Wine Bar

4365 Main St - Philadelphia, PA 19127 - Phone number (215) 483-0444
If you're thinking about coming out to Allen Lane with Philly Party Bus in the coming weeks, we think that Jake's & Cooper's Wine Bar would be an absolutely ideal location for your special celebrations and your fun nights out with friends. They've got an array of yummy food choices here including really good pizza, yummy charcuterie plates, juicy hamburgers, spicy meatballs, octopus salad, crab cakes, and even parmesan fries! Oh, we love it! The prices are in the $11-30 range here, making it pretty affordable, and they're open until 10 most nights and 11 on Fri-Sat. Awesome ice cream tacos for dessert! Best nights are Thurs-Fri-Sat or anytime at happy hour!

Lucky's Last Chance

4421 Main St - Philadelphia, PA 19127 - Phone number (215) 509-6005
Lucky's Last Chance is one of the smaller recommendations on Philly Party Bus's list, so we'd recommend this one more for your more intimate party bus or limousine outings. We love the location and we're hooked on the food! The fried burger with mashed potatoes and gravy will absolutely knock your socks off, and how about those coney dogs! Oh, my. Everything is just so good here. The onion strings are delectable and we're so happy with their beer selection as well. The price range here anywhere from ten bucks to thirty and we think that's a nice affordable range. Open til 2 in the morning every single night, makes it a great late night destination!

The Goat's Beard

4201 Main St - Manayunk, PA 19127 - Phone number (267) 323-2495
Again, one of the smaller places on our list, so great for more intimate get-togethers with your Philly Party Bus groups. This one is a real winner that specializes in comfort food an amazing drinks. We cannot get enough of their delicious and unique salads, wrapped in cucumber slices and topped with delicious nuts. We also love their roquefort burger that puts the black and bleus to shame! The fish tacos are some of the very best that we have ever tasted. They have a nice beer selection and an impressive choice of whiskeys too, and we love all the cocktails that they make with that. Price range is affordable and they're open til 1 or 2 most nights!

In Riva

4116 Ridge Ave - Philadelphia, PA 19129 - Phone number (215) 438-4848
If Italian food is what you're after when you're out here in Allen Lane with Philly Party Bus, you won't be disappointed if you choose In Riva. The pizza and the Italian food is absolutely superb, and we just think that the ambiance is fantastic here. The large windows facing the river are the thing that comes to mind first when we recall this place, and with that gorgeous deck outside, it will be hard for you to restrict yourself to indoors! When the weather is right for it, be sure to venture out. You'll be glad that you did. One of our favorite things here is the fried artichoke appetizer and we would very highly recommend that to you. Be aware that they close between lunch and dinner!


3460 Collins Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

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